The Portable Turntable that You Can Play everything

not only a portable record player, but also a musical instrument.
The ultimate device for music lovers, musicians and scratch DJ.


-OMNI is for Music Lovers and DJs-


7” OMNI - for scratch DJ

OMNI for Scratch Djs


Omni, the ultimate one stop solution for modern portablism. Grab the Omni together with an USB power bank and smart phone, and you are good to go. Scratch and play anywhere, anytime. Bluetooth ready for playback streaming while you scratch along. Nothing feels better than the real deal, true analog experience missing in the digital age. Contactless faders give you the sharpest and seamless cuts only available in high end DJ mixers. Features are all well-designed with a simple thought in mind: we hope Omni would give anyone an easy access to turnablism, perhaps even bringing it into the next level.

12” OMNI - for Music Lovers

OMNI for Music Lovers

Vinyl Lovers

Omni, the audio station for both analog and digital music, especially for vinyl lovers looking for quality turntables which delivers better sound quality and functionality. Omni plays 7”, 10”, and 12” vinyl records, the fully adjustable tone arm and headshell achieves high quality stereo sound image. Adjustable counter weight lets you fine tune the tracking force for different cartridges while protects your favourite records. One of a kind phono preamp design which is rare feature for most consumer grade turntables, it recreates RIAA EQ curve with less than +/-0.5db error, while provides over 90db of dynamic range. On top of that, the built-in hifi grade bluetooth audio receiver means you can play your favourite music from your smart phones. We believe Omni not only offers great sound quality and functionality, but also enhance playback experience for music lovers.




Features For MUSIC LoVers

OMNI Photo 1
OMNI Photo 3

Portable Turntable

OMNI can be connected to any audio systems, home hi-fi systems, DJ sets, PA systems, headphones.


Standard Cartridge

Comes with ATN3600L cartridge and changeable to any professional DJ cartridges.

OMNI 2SwitchesFader

Contactless Faders

Two magnetic faders feel like professional DJ mixers.


Fader Selection Switch - Select left or right fader as main cross fader.
Fader Direction Switch - Select fader direction.
Ultra Pitch - Pitch control (+/-50%).
Mode Switch - Switch between “Scratch mode” (high pass), “Studio mode” (flat) and “Hifi mode” (boost low and high).

OMNI Photo 2
OMNI Photo 4

Play anywhere

OMNI even plays on it's own built-in speaker without anything attached.

OMNI Photo ToneArm

Adjustable Tone Arm and Counter Weight

Cartridges can be adjusted to straight mode or angled mode and can be Adjust tracking force from 0g to 5g.


HEadphone Output & Onboard Speaker

For silent practice and headphone monitoring. Onboard 5 watts speaker allow you to scratch and play music, anytime anywhere.